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Essential materials for bar candidates seeking to efficiently improve their MEE and MPT exam performance

Over the past dozen years, I have examined the scores and essays of thousands of bar candidates which has led me to develop a very good understanding of what it takes to pass the bar exam. This UBE Essays subscription site contains bar preparation materials not available anywhere else that are designed to fill the gaps that examinees encounter during their MEE and MPT study. A UBE Essays subscription is the perfect complement to a full bar review course – I regard these materials as essential for anyone looking to improve their MEE and MPT performance on the exam. An account to UBE can significantly benefit you if:

UBE is the first and only commercial bar review that provides actual graded examinee MEE and MPTs for review/comparison (along with a number of other uniquely beneficial MEE and MPT materials such as audio versions of the MEE questions and answers). You can view poor answers, exactly passing answers, or high scoring answers, and also compare any answer to another side-by-side. I find that many candidates benefit greatly from this creative approach to examining/comparing graded MEE and MPT answers. For example, an examinee that recently passed told me: “I think this helped me immensely, because although I had not practiced writing any essays, I still really got a feel for the tone, length, content and structure of passing answers which created a ‘voice’ in my head when writing essays.”
I strongly believe that if you don't review and practice with the released MEE questions, you are making a serious mistake in your MEE study. If you don't have access to the released MEE questions & answers through your bar review, it is more cost-effective (and extremely more efficient) to obtain these questions/answers/synopses through a UBE Essays subscription ($175 for a subscription versus $150 to purchase the 2012-2017 MEEs from NCBE) because you will obtain the exact same licensed MEE Questions and Answers that are available on NCBE's website, but you will also gain access to a whole host of other useful MEE/MPT materials and tools that no other bar review provides.
If you are an auditory learner, you will love the subscription site. I make MP3s of a lot of the content (samples are below) so you can listen to it rather than read it. For example, I make MP3s of the NCBE Questions and Answer Analyses. Even if you are not an auditory learner, audio versions of the materials you study are a great way to create different forms of memory impressions (meaning if on the exam if you don’t remember something you read, you may remember something you heard). If you are limited on time, use the MP3s when you commute/cook/work out (or just get sick of reading). Every examinee should try the MP3s to see if they are helpful as an alternate learning tool. As one subscriber told me: "I realized during this process that I actually am much more of an auditory learner, and I found myself able to focus more and retain more from audio or audio with text than I ever have just by reading. So the fact that you provide so many audio resources made a big difference for me." This is another example of where the subscription site acts as a gap-filler – no other bar review has MP3s of the actual MEE questions and answer explanations.
Since the graders are referring to a point-sheet, I believe issue-spotting is paramount on the MEE. Because an MEE question must be answered in 30 minutes, there is less time for an examinee to write a thoughtful analysis that might sway the grader. Instead, the MEE is seemingly designed as a hit-and-run exam where examinees must hit each issue and then simply run to the next one. In such circumstances, if what you say is not on the grader’s checklist, you are not likely to earn points for it. For this reason, I specifically made an MEE Issue Spotting outline (in both written and MP3 formats) that examinees should use to improve their MEE issue-spotting abilities.
If you are willing to self-evaluate, I suggest you write answers to released MEE questions under timed conditions and then consult the NCBE Answer Analysis to determine your grade. For each discrete point that is graded, if you correctly spotted the issue and concluded correctly (with some accurate law and relevant analysis in-between), you can confidently give yourself half-credit for that answer. If you can score half-credit for every issue, it will likely be an above-passing MEE answer. You can also write an answer to a question in the MEE or MPT Comparison Banks and then compare your answer to other graded answers. If this is too much effort, you can simply look at passing and above-passing MEEs. For example, one subscriber told me: “I think this helped me immensely, because although I had not practiced writing any essays, I still really got a feel for the tone, length, content and structure of passing answers which created a ‘voice’ in my head when writing essays.” Put simply, good essays look like other good essays.
I frequently talk about how I try to make this subscription site a gap-filler where I create study materials that are useful, efficient and unique. The MPT Comparison Banks are a perfect example of this. Each MPT Comparison is an essay bank of graded MPT answers for a particular administration - this is an excellent resource that does not exist anywhere else. The MPT is a "closed universe" practical problem using instructions, factual data, cases, statutes and other reference material. Accordingly, one of the most effective things an examinee can do is to answer MPTs under exam conditions and then dissect their answers along with the answers of high-scoring MPTs to see how the answers differ in regards to their use of the factual data, cases, statutes and other reference materials. This process of examination often leads to a good understanding of how to compose an above-passing MPT. I created these MPT Comparisons to enable examinees to do this. Utilizing these Comparisons, examinees can learn how other examinees (especially high scoring examinees) incorporate the MPT File and Library in their answers. Examinees can also use this MPT Comparison to analyze their own MPT answer to the question.
Examinees type much faster than they write, so hand-writing the exam requires planning. Accordingly, if you are hand-writing the exam (or are concerned you might have to), it is almost a prerequisite for you to look at past answers from other hand-writers to better understand what is required of hand-writers. The MEE and MPT Comparison Banks contain graded hand-written essay and MPT answers that you can use to plan out how much you will write, how you will layout what you write, and how you will format and edit your writing.

With the bar exam changing, these time-saving study materials/tools represent the next generation of bar preparation. The UBE Essays subscription package consists of the following materials/tools intended to efficiently improve your MEE/MPT performance on the current exam:

MEE/MPT Essay Comparison Banks – There are 37 different MEE/MPT Comparison Banks (based on 18 different MEE questions and 19 different MPT questions) each containing actual graded examinee MEE/MPT essays where you can not only see the scored answers in PDF form, but you can compare them to other scored answers in text form with any commonalities hyperlinked. Click here to read more about this or here to view a sample.

Released MEE Essay Compilation – this is a WORD file of all the released MEE questions and answers from 1995 to July 2017 (46 exams) in a single document where the information is edited and arranged in a certain way to make MEE studying/practice much more efficient. Click here to read more about this or here to view a sample.

Released MEE Essay MP3s – 34 hours of MP3 audio files covering the last 200+ MEE questions and NCBE Answer Analyses (from July 2017 to July 2007). Click here to read more about this or here to listen to a sample.

MEE Issue Spotting Practice Outline – contains every released MEE question from 2002 to 2017 (200+ MEE questions) grouped by subject with the questions sorted from newest to oldest with the corresponding issues and short answers for issue spotting practice. Click here to read more about this or here to view a sample.

MEE Issue Spotting Practice MP3s – 17 hours of MP3 audio files (including MP3s broken down by subject) in the same format as the MEE Issue Spotting Practice Outline. Click here to read more about this or here to listen to a sample.

MPT Format Bible – contains each MPT tested on the New York Bar exam since July 2001 (when the MPT was first introduced). This MPT document should serve as your bible for learning MPT formats. Click here to read more about this or here to view a sample.

Visit the Study Suggestions Blog page or click on any of the above links to learn more about each feature or watch the below video for an explanation tutorial of the MEE/MPT Comparison Banks:

A clever person learns from his own mistakes, but a wise person learns from others’ mistakes. With these Comparison Banks, you can not only learn from the mistakes of others, but you can also learn from their achievements (so that you can avoid making your own mistakes).

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