There are also 40 hours of MP3 audio files covering the last 220+ MEE questions and NCBE Answer Analyses (from July 2007 to present) downloadable from the subscription site. Put simply, there is no better way to know the exam than the exam itself. Thus, there is no better way of understanding the current MEE than by looking at prior exams, especially the most recent ones. I find that listening to the essays is an effective way to absorb the information, because each different memory impression you form while studying (e.g. listening versus reading) will help you to later recall the information (e.g. if you don’t remember something you read, you may remember something you heard). If you are limited on time or you are an auditory learner, use the MP3s when you commute/cook/work out (or just get sick of reading). Every examinee should try the MP3s to see if they are helpful as an alternate learning tool. As one subscriber told me: “I realized during this process that I actually am much more of an auditory learner, and I found myself able to focus more and retain more from audio or audio with text than I ever have just by reading. So the fact that you provide so many audio resources made a big difference for me.

Each MP3 is based on the released NCBE MEE Question and Analyses book for that exam with the following improvements: (i) each Answer Analyses follows the question so you can hear the answer right after listening to the question (in the MEE books, the answers are in a separate section after the questions); (ii) I edited each Answer Analyses to remove any unimportant information (e.g. I removed unnecessary case citations/references that there is no need to listen to – this shortened each Answer Analysis by about 10%); (iii) I listen to the MP3s and fix all the pronunciation errors so the MP3s are highly conducive to auditory learning with minimal disruptions; (iv) I removed any UCC 3 Commercial Paper/Negotiable Instrument questions since they are no longer tested on the MEE; and (v) out-dated law in the older answers has been updated with current law. There are also individual MP3s of each MEE Question and Answer Analyses labeled by subject. These MP3s are the exact same MP3s as the ones above, but rather than MP3s of full exams, these are MP3s of each question. Accordingly, if you decide you only want to listen Civil Procedure MP3s (this is the most important subject on the UBE exam and Civil Procedure MEE issues are also frequently tested on the MBE), you can do this. I find MP3s of essays to be very helpful because it is like you are listening to a story and then hearing its conclusion.

The best way to understand the benefits of these audio-based essay question and answers is to listen to them for yourself. Click here to listen to a sample.