To help examinees quickly review the different formats tested on the MPT, I created an MPT Format Bible. The MPT Format Bible contains 100 above average examinee answers illustrating the proper response/format/style for 21 different MPT types. This document (in WORD format or PDF format) contains each MPT tested on the New York Bar exam since July 2001 (when the MPT was first introduced). This MPT document should serve as your bible for learning MPT formats. The MPT Format Bible is intended to be an efficient means of learning the different MPT formats that have been tested in the past and understanding what is required for each MPT format. Each MPT contained in this document consists of a heading that contain statistical information on the MPT, an NCBE summary of the MPT question, and then two released NYBOLE above average answers for the MPT (which likely received scaled scores between 80-85). Knowing the formats is important and there is no easier way to do it than through this Format Bible. For example, one examinee who had failing MPT scores told me: “I worked on practicing the MPT and felt confident about the first MPT. I finished both, but got a 32.33 on the one I had been confident on (I used the wrong format, legal memo, rather than a letter to a client. I still can’t believe I made such an enormous error.)

Even if your MPT analysis is poor, if the format is correct and properly structured, you can improve your MPT score. For example, a foreign examinee who had MPT scores of 47/40 in F19 (past MPT scores were 34/38 in J18, 38/34 in F18, and 23/36 in J17) told me “Your MPT Format Bible was great help for my MPT score.” Furthermore, do not gamble on a particular format appearing on an upcoming exam – there is insufficient data to predict what MPT format may appear. Instead, use the MPT Format Bible to review the most commonly tested formats and styles. Examinees should review the MPT answers to understand how a Persuasive MPT answer is written versus an Objective MPT answer. Examinees should review the answers for the MPT types that did not have guidelines or had minimal guidelines to ensure they understand the formats required for these types of MPTs. Finally, examinees should briefly review MPT answers that contain a Statement of the Case or a Statement of Facts to understand how to compose one if necessary.

The best way to understand the usefulness of the MPT Format Bible is to see it for yourself. Click here to view a sample.