I think this helped me immensely, because although I had not practiced writing any essays, I still really got a feel for the tone, length, content and structure of passing answers which created a ‘voice’ in my head when writing essays.

I did much better on my essays this time due in large part to your comparison tool. I found that to be extremely helpful.

I realized during this process that I actually am much more of an auditory learner, and I found myself able to focus more and retain more from audio or audio with text than I ever have just by reading. So the fact that you provide so many audio resources made a big difference for me.

I would suggest that all future examinees use every portion of your site and materials and really take the time to read your website and its sections over. The advice was invaluable and helped A LOT. Literally every part of your website contributed in some way.

If I had to identify one thing that helped me most on the MPT, it would be the MPT format Bible. In hindsight I’d spend a day or two just reading this and practicing it.

Of your materials, the past MEE answer comparisons were the most helpful.

The Essay Comparison Tool was very helpful. Specifically: 1) Reviewing the Released Answers and comparing them with mine. 2) Comparing my answers with the best scoring answers submitted 3) Comparing my answers with similarly scoring answers 4) Comparing my answers with the lowest scoring answers submitted

Reviewing the essay comparison tool gave me a better idea of where I was going wrong. Once you get past the mental hurdle of how much information is available, or really, once you figure out what to focus on, it’s such an invaluable tool. I’m not sure if I was right on the substance of what I wrote this time, but I am damn confident my writing style and overall tone improved.

After studying your materials that I did very diligently, my understanding of the questions were hugely improved. I listened to the MP3s when I was cooking or exercising and after a while I just felt I knew it all.

I spent time listening your mp3 materials when I was driving, and I believe I made the best use of my time.

Thank you for your assistance in helping me pass the NY bar exam. I downloaded your MP3s and listened to them going back atleast 20 exams – this helped me a lot!

Another thing I found really useful to me is the mp3 essay answers. I listened to it whenever I have a chance.

It was a great resource and most especially the MP3 which I always listened to every night. It was like my sleeping pill because every time I started to listen to them I some how calmed down and was able to go to bed

I truly believe that your subscription site for the essays was an invaluable resources and acted as a comparator for me- to understand what the examiners wanted – before that my essays were not to the standard – being a foreign student – this was a gem to have to act as a guide

I found the MEE Module to be super helpful – the sheer repetition of reviewing the law applied to the facts with analysis helped me figure out how to structure essays, the detail needed in analysis, and what the right answers were. I went through so many essays

The MEE Issue Spotting outline was helpful for identifying issues and did not take a significant amount of time, allowing me to study simultaneusly for the MBE.

Hearing it read out loud to me with the mp3s was big too.

The MP3s are great when I am tired of reading

I need the soothing voice of your automated mp3.

Your MEE outline was helpful. I did not have much time. Without it I would have bombed today’s MEE.

I had about a two to three hour drive to the location of the bar exam. So, I downloaded from your website the MP3s and listened during my drive. This actually helped a lot as I really took in the material I listened to in the car. I would highly recommend doing this for any one using your website

Perhaps a general tip for test takers would just be to read MPT sample essays for occassional bed-time reading.

I cant thank you enough! I just want to say I passed the NY bar exam! and i whole heartedly believe i wouldnt have done it without your materials. I got a low MBE score of 129.5 so i’m guessing the essays must have helped me out. I went through almost every essay in the past 10 years all thanks to the way you had them organized esp through the audio versions. Thanks again!

The only thing that helped me pass the bar was the Seperac essays. This was my fourth time taking the UBE bar exam (beginning July 2016). In July 2017, I got a 263 with an MBE score of 139. I never finished the MPTs on any of my bar exams. My friend failed the bar her first try and told me she used Seperac for the essays. The ONLY reason I passed the bar was because of my membership to your MEE database. Even with a score of 289, I only completed one MPT. Like I said, I never could master the MPT and this administration had a very weird MPT with no case law. I literally didn’t do the second MPT. My score really came from the MEE using your data base and also the issue spotting files.

Was a big help spending 8 hours going through your materials and seeing where points were scored and lost. I realized how important just writing all multi-factor tests out were and then analyzing them.

I finally did it. I passed with a 280 thanks to your amazing compilation of essays. I read every single essay question and answer in the book. Thank you so much!

When I was too tired to read I would play your MEE topic audio tapes.

The thing that helped me most on the MEE was the past MEE questions published

A colleague of mine swears by you–she couldn’t recommend you highly enough. In particular, she said she found your MBE mp3’s to be invaluable study aids that allowed her to completely immerse herself in bar prep.

The NCBE essay and analysis is incredibly instructive … It really takes you into the mind of the examiners.

If I had to attribute my passing to just one thing, I would hands-down, without a doubt say that it was reading the essays in your “MEE Master Released” compilation. I’m embarrassed to say, but I gave so little time to learn the non-MBE essay topics (family law, trusts & wills, etc.) that I was literally *learning* the topics by reading the essays that you provided just a few days before the exam. The format was extremely helpful and allowed me to digest the material in the most efficient way possible.

I didn’t have time to read all of the essays, but I think I read the top 50 (so that I had a handful for each of the subjects), and that was enough to make me comfortable enough to answer the questions on the exam for those topics that I literally knew nothing about just a few days before the exam. Pretty crazy how reading your essays allowed me to do that! Additionally, I felt like a lot of the essay topics were on the actual exam, so your predictions were amazing. Thank you so, so much for that. I absolutely would not have passed without it.

I really found your essay issue spotting material incredibly helpful.

I am a hand-writer who inevitably misallocates time causing my essay organization to suffer. I used your UBE Essay subscription intermittently for the last two weeks of bar prep, and was the only essay prep I used. I found it very helpful, the fact that I was even close to the cut score with essays is a testament to that.

I realized that I learn better by listening. This helped me maintain the focus: I was listening to your MP3 files when going to the grocery store, jogging and cooking at home.

I listened to your essays (I listened to them as I fell asleep also!!)

I relied heavily on your program and did not take a traditional bar course. I am quite certain that I would not have passed without your MEE/MPT materials. What was especially useful was the top 50 rules outline that you sent to us weeks before the exam.

I wasn’t sure if there was a form on your website where you wanted follow up info on our scores, but I just received my scores from Arizona. Total combined: 320 MBE: 159.1 Scaled written portion: 160.7. The essay subscription was very helpful because of the way the essays and answers were formatted. Overall, using the materials made me feel more confident for the essay portion. What ended up being the most helpful thing for me was the compilation of the 50 essays with issues you thought might be tested again. Those were very spot on from what I remember. I only read essays in the subjects that I felt I needed the most help in, though. I wish I would have spent more time reading that whole compilation a few times instead of attempting practice essays. But even just reading some of that compilation helped. I was also spending time going through the critical pass flashcards. The written material from the subscription can be overwhelming, but the organization of it is good and easy to navigate. I also listened to some of the audio files while driving and as a break. The audio files were great and I haven’t seen that anywhere else so that really attracted me to your subscription.

Just wanted to share with you that I passed the WA Bar. Your materials were helpful, thank so much. In case you were interested for stat purposes, here’s my score breakdown. Written (MEE and MPT) Score: 157.9 MBE: 148.5 Total UBE Score: 306

Just wanted to say thanks for all the help. You’re the man! I got a 343, with a 169.5 mbe! I think everything you said was right. The MBE was clearly the most important, not even close. I think doing the recently released questions and memorizing those is more important than doing 2000 questions and not really learning from them. As for the essays, I spent (barely) 2 out of 8 weeks on them. I read super condensed outlines and your top 50 essays were helpful. They really narrow down the key issues and topics. I think knowing those 50 essays along with memorizing short outlines for each MEE topics is enough to do well.

You have great resources. I will highly recommend your essay website.

I scored a 269 total and 122 on the MBE, so it was really thanks to all of your advice on the written portions that I passed. I am truly grateful. I think that a huge part of it was really your dedication in offering advice and guidance even in the last days during the lead up to the exam. I think it is really important to know that someone is in your corner. For that – thank you.

Thank you! My total score was 271 and the MBE was 140.1 … I thought the UBE Essays site was useful and printed some of your materials off. I used them in my preparation. I really liked the fact that you used color to make reading easier and I liked that you had two versions, one more detailed than the other. I know another bar taker who used your services and he said his essay scores improved using your services. Based on you analysis I scored about the same as I did on previous exams in the essay portion but I focused all my attentions on the MBE this time around and only did a few essays in the immediate weeks before the bar exam. I think your work, website and emails provide the most valuable information that is personalized to each student which is not an option when students take commercial bar prep courses. As a foreign law school graduate (I went to law school in Scotland) initially I struggled with understanding what my scores meant and how to comprehend the test and what it was asking of me. You have helped tremendously in that regard and instilled confidence in me that it wasn’t rocket science 🙂 so I would like to thank you for that. The only constructive criticism I would give you is to try to simplify your website material. There is a lot of information there and maybe some of it can be composed into charts/graphs. Using different fonts, colors and text sizes could also help make it easier on the eye. Other than that I have nothing else to add and will recommend your services to anyone else who crosses my path.